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The Phenotypical… The Phenotypical George Will* (The Washington Post  Column herewith criticized, captioned “How Congress Trumps Darwin” [by George Will]  trails this piece by DI Editor, Dusty Schoch; immediately following are anchoring comments by DI Senior Associate Editor, Dr. Leonard … Continue reading

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GLOBAL ECONOMIC CRISIS:   Confronting and Dealing with the Dying Beast…   The Mythical Monster of “Free Market Capitalism”   EDITORIAL NOTE:  The present article is in four parts, consisting of: (1) Dr. Leonard Carrier’s forthcoming  presentation at the University … Continue reading

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  ONE  FREE VOICE AT A TIME … The Coastal Post Story  By  DI  Editor, Dusty Schoch  The Neo-Con Zionists are at it again…The neo-conservative fundamentalist Christian and Jewish Zionist Right who covertly seized control of America through a quiet … Continue reading

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Should we—who fought so passionately for Obama against the desperate ones who, in the final days before the election seemed willing to do ANYTHING to win—play the roles of  “gracious” victors…? Forgive all the lies that were told about Obama’s … Continue reading

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THE DEATH OF SCANDAL IN AMERICA ……..  HAS IT BEEN….EXAGGERATED?  Bush Lied and People Died…  McCain and Palin are Lying and Nobody’s crying.  HAS AMERICA  LOST ITS SENSE OF SHAME? IF SO, DOES THAT MEAN AMERICA IS …. LOST? This … Continue reading

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TAKE  THE NY TIMES BIGOTRY TEST . . .   (To see if you suffer from  the Dreadfully Contagious “Bradley Effect”)*** BEFORE YOU VOTE—TAKE IT NOTE:             And before you read this article, take note it is a re-print of … Continue reading

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NEO-CONTENTIONS VIII-   “Porter’s Complaint”   Neo-Con Republicans Circulate Soldier’s Story Of Obama’s Snubbing U.S. Troops in Afghanistan   You’ve Gotta Read This One!   Story Capsule: DW Foreign Policy Editor, Dusty Schoch received an e-mail last week in which … Continue reading

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By Noam Chomsky, Khaleej Times Online. Posted July 12, 2008. U.S. war planners want an obedient client state that will house major U.S. military bases, right at the heart of the world’s major energy reserves. The deal just taking shape … Continue reading

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DI  ALERT:   America Launches War on Iran!!! June 22, 2008   Israel’s military maneuvers + House Bill (H. CON. RES. 362) Calling for Blockade of Iran =  War. What to do: Read (all) the following and then call Washington … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Dreaming   An Open Letter to My Son, Demian June 15, 2008   By: DI Foreign Policy Editor, Robert Rodes (Dusty) Schoch    (With Trailing Contributions from Virginia Attorney, Mike Murphy and Notre Dame Law Professor Robert E. … Continue reading

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