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  ONE  FREE VOICE AT A TIME … The Coastal Post Story  By  DI  Editor, Dusty Schoch  The Neo-Con Zionists are at it again…The neo-conservative fundamentalist Christian and Jewish Zionist Right who covertly seized control of America through a quiet … Continue reading

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  ISRAEL’S IMMORAL WAR This editorial is the view of  Contributing  DW Correspondend, Leonard Carrier, and it absolutely and totally represents the position of the DW’s Foreign-Policy Editor,  Dusty Schoch. Former intelligence official Yossi Alpher recently claimed that Israel’s ferocious … Continue reading

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THE BIGGEST LIE OF ALL Wake up people. We were lied to. The biggest lie of all is Bush’s claim that the duration of our occupation has come as an unforeseeable surprise. It’s the biggest and the subtlest of the … Continue reading

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Description: I am Robert R. (“Dusty”) Schoch, an attorney/writer and environmentalist. I was headed to New York on 9/11 for a meeting with Milton Bradley. We were scheduled to meet and conference with them that day down town, and we … Continue reading

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