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  ONE  FREE VOICE AT A TIME … The Coastal Post Story  By  DI  Editor, Dusty Schoch  The Neo-Con Zionists are at it again…The neo-conservative fundamentalist Christian and Jewish Zionist Right who covertly seized control of America through a quiet … Continue reading

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ISLAMIC IMMIGRANTS AND ISLAMIC DISCONTENT THE  “AUSTRALIAN SOLUTION” (How Much It Might Aptly Apply to America’s Burgeoning Populations of Resident Islamics and Illegal Mexican Aliens? ) DECIDE FOR YOURSELVES . . . Editorial Note: (By DW Foreign-Policy Editor, Dusty Schoch) … Continue reading

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     “Matches  and  Haystacks”   (An Arabian Allegory) Let’s consider two combatants contemplating war against one another and make a wager on which will   be victorious before their war begins (“victorious” meaning : “to get the outcome the combatant … Continue reading

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