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Stop the President from Attacking Iran!

by Editors

Stop the President
from Attacking Iran!


Dear DI readers and democratic friends everywhere: 

Let’s make sure we keep that old aphorism (the one Bush continues to mutter but always mangles it) in mind— “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me three times, shame on ….US!”

We let ourselves and our Congressmen get sucked into wars we’re now clearly losing both in Afghanistan and Iraq because we fell asleep at the switch and didn’t bother to question what the Neo-cons were telling us to make us think this “war on terror” was a “mission possible” in terms of waging pre-emptive war against sovereign Islamic nations, when terror is a tactic and not a corporeal enemy, much less an enemy state.

We can hear the sabers rattling more menacingly every day, and the fascist neo-cons are carefully constructing more mythology to justify yet another invasion in the Middle East. This time, let’s urge our Congressmen to nip it before it buds. If we don’t, it will certainly be primarily our fault.

Senator James Webb and Rep. Mark Udall have introduced a bill, S. 759 / H.R. 3119, to prevent President Bush from attacking Iran without Congressional authorization.

You can use the tool (web link) below—quite easily–to ask your Senators and Representative to support this legislation.

Also, please ask your Senators and Representative to oppose over $90 million for rapid development and deployment of a 30,000-lb “bunker buster” (called the Massive Ordinance Penetrator) that many fear the administration might want to use against Iran.




DI Editors wish to thank Leonard Carrier for the preceding link….along with all DI staff, editors, contributors and readers…for immediately using it.





11 13 07



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