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Skiing in Dubai…Towards the Abyss

by Editors

Two news events relating to Dubai,  the United Arab Emirates should awaken our concern.  One’s arguably funny and the other  frightening. Together they give cause for sober circumspection. The “funny” one is the story of the oil sheiks constructing that monstrously expensive and fiscally garish in-door ski resort in the desert. (view 
photos 1, 2,)  On the frightening front:  our government has just ceded control ( in a $6.8 billion corporate handoff from a British corporation) of the ports of New York, Jew Jersey, Baltimore, New Orleans, Miami and Philadelphia to a U.A.E. corporation (Dubai Ports World).  [see Wash. Post, 2/17/06 on line at:  <> ]

Why the concern?  First, the U.A.E., which boasts of owning ten percent of the world’s known oil reserves, before 9/11/01 was an open supporter of the Taliban in Afghanistan.   Second, although Dubai is reputed to be our staunchest ally in the alleged “war on terrorism”,  no one in the U.S. knows the details of our C.I.A.- machinated ties with the shieks of the U.A.E. (<> );
But we’ve sold them a huge number of F-16 fighters, have constructed our largest C.I.A. complex there, and seem to trust them  with both our geo-fiscal and physical lives.. just as we once did the Saudis and bin Laden who, in gratitude, gave us 9/11/01.
A friend sent me a website slide show of the indoor refrigerated ski slopes in the desert of Dubai, asking me what I made of it. “Is this indoor mountain ski slope real or something that should be reported to ‘Urban Legends’ on the net?”, he wanted to know.  I smiled and, then upon reflection, froze. Upon thawing out, I wrote him  the following response:
Sorry Al, (H.P. City Councilman Al Campbell)  but I’m afraid it’s real. The ecologically pornographic details can be perused on line at  <>
This is what our SUV-guzzling petro dollars build and one of the many reasons why the non-sheiky Arabs (only 99.999999 percent) hate us so much. Oil sheiks and their royal entourage don’t fly to Swiss Alps because they’re better (richer) than Muhammed. When Muhammed prayed and Allah refused to move the mountain to him, Muhammed had to hike to  the mountain. When the sheiks of Dubai wanted the ski mountain to come to them, Allah said , ‘Sure, just fork out 8.4 Billion U.S. and thy ski mountain shall appear, all quarter million square  air-conditioned feet of it.and an un-shabby 1500-foot slope.’
The fact is, “Ski Dubai” is a minor fiscal frolic next other of our Arab ally’s mega-luxuries now under construction, including a half-trillion dollar “underwater hotel”, an artificial island resort paradise, the tallest building in the universe, Dubailand theme park, etc. (for details see <§ion=theuae>) the collective cost of which could easily rebuild ruined Iraq several times over.  The Persian “peons” working on these construction projects will have to pay six months wages to spend a single night in the resort hotels they are building. These very sick Sheiks are Bush’s strongest allies in the Middle East.  The enemies they are making with their excesses of opulence in plain view of Persian poverty (Fundamentalist Sunni) will be our enemies.  These galactic excesses of conspicuous material consumption gone wild are perceived as “Western” only because. they are.
I don’t know the mechanics of it, and unless you’re an insider in our petro-chemical ruling class ( Google: “House of Bush, House of Saud”) you’ll really never know, but Dubai somehow functions as a neo-con “off shore” bank or holding company for the neo-con U.S. oil boys and their oilier Arab counterparts. The House of Saud and the House of Bush, metaphorically and paradigmatically, are a single corporate condo. We working stiffs,  tax payers and gasoline addicts are the maintenance crew.
I confidently conjure images of  interlocking, stock-optioned shareholding-directors skimming the top off all production, construction and “service” contracts.  Our world (not just U.S.) is presently ruled by a trans-national oligarchy of amoral corporate fascists.  We knew the democracy Jefferson engineered was dead when they (we)  let Cheney keep second chair when he had millions in Halliburton futures yet to rain down, and thereafter suffered him to steer the entire booty of Iraq’s conquest to his boss-not Bush, but Halliburton, his true master.
The obscenity of the Dubai ski slope is so over the top in its oblivious greed and ostentatious imbecility that it actually did make me smile. But  just for a while.  This Brokeback Mountain consortium of American corporate cowboys and Arabian sheiks makes the eternity-grabbing pyramid builders of ancient Egyptian infamy pale in comparison.  In the valley of the pharaohs probable thousands died laboring to erect those Narcissistic nipples in the desert.
In the third millennium  of Abraham’s on-going  and genocidal pursuit  of the promised petro-milk and honey, hundreds of thousands have died (since 1948) and  we could all become extinct when nuclear-armed Israel, Iran  or Pakistan launches the fist nuke by virtue of our earlier suicidal enabling.
The thing that rips me to the ranting point, and ended the smile, is this: These Pax-American neo-con Christians and Zionist Jews actually want this to happen (Google: “A Clean Break”, PNAC, A.E.I.). They are actively  trying to fulfill that rationally-ruptured Rapture (now incestuously wed to Jewish Zion) in the ever-growing faith that all us sinners (along  with Islam) are better left behind in the beautiful and purging  holocaust (code-name: Armageddon)  they’re quite candidly kindling.
And while we’re waiting to see if the Skiing Sheiks of Dubai are worthy of our trust, or whether they’ll be funneling our petro-dollars under their thobes again to fundamentalists like the Taliban or the Saudi 9/11 airline crews, why don’t we just put them in charge of every major port authority in our country’s northern harbors?  Talking about skiing on the brink of the abyss!  The Bush administration is not just putting the fox simply in charge, but rather is deeding him the whole hen house.
Hello: We’ve only recently found we know zip about what’s going on within the closed boardrooms and treasuries of America’s own domestic corporations (e.g. Enron).  So suddenly  we should trust the management of our most strategic and vulnerable (to Islamic terrorism) maritime ports to corporations owned by and based in the heart of Islamic darkness? Dubai is an Islamic nation (96 percent Sunni).  If half of what Craig Unger writes in House of Bush House of Saud is true, then the sale of six U.S. port authorities to Arab corporations is no big deal, as by virtue of the covert alliance between those families (Bush, Saud and the  skiing shieks of Dubai),  they already own us.
As a final consolation, we can thank Jon Stewart (TV’s comic commentator) for the insight assuaging all concern for ceding our ports to the Arabs:  “I really can’t see the logic in Bush’s switching control of our ports from organized crime to these scattered Arabs!”

Dusty Schoch

War is our only enemy.

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