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About Us  (“DI”) is a non-profit, non-incorporated, and politically independent internet periodical publishing instrument of the B.E.A. The B.E.A. (“Barristers et al”) is a similarly-constituted North Carolina-based foreign policy think tank founded in October, 2001 by DI Managing Editor, Robert R. (“Dusty”) Schoch, to propose and promulgate foreign policy alternatives to the Bush Doctrine and the foreign wars and domestic (e.g. Constitutional and economic) crises and catastrophes it precipitated.

We invite you to read (linked here and in archives)  what we have written from October of 2001 to October 2007 to  gauge inductively the likelihood that what we are writing today is worthy of your consideration:


Origins, Evolution and Aims: Peace


The author of the five articles hereunder referred to and linked, along with the free-book linked on our homepage (American Fascism)  is DI’s founder, Robert R. Schoch, a North Carolina writer, cum school teacher, cum lawyer, cum inventor who was among the first to sound the alarm in response to our nation’s panicked, fear-based and bellicose reaction to the twin towers’ toppling on 9/11/01.  Schoch was en-route to NY City that very morning with a new game concept for Milton Bradley when bin Laden’s bombers manifested their opposition to America’s alliance with Israel in that horrifying performance of pseudo-Islamic Jihad. Schoch’s immediate reaction to 9/11 is in the 9/11 national archives and our own under the title of “Stand Behind Me”. In the immediate wake of 9/11/01 there were few–with the exception of Michael Moore, Bill Maher and the private sector (non-celebrity) likes of Dusty Schoch–publicly admonishing Americans to take at least some of the serious responsibility for 9/11. We believed (and bin Laden has since confirmed) that the attack was  conceived and consummated as reprisal for America’s long military alliance with Israel and sponsorship of Israel’s incessant (now six-decade)  military operations in Palestine and elsewhere,  which alliance has been long viewed by Palestinians and their allies as Zionist aggression and/or religious-fundamentalist terrorism. Although Palestinians have legislatively enacted (ex parte) nothing as formally “righteous” as America’s patriotically- proclaimed Monroe Doctrine, America’s alliance with Israel and its vast and  perennial military presence in the Middle East is to the  majority of its fundamentalist Islamic denizens what our Judeo-Christian national base would term “alien anathema”

Original membership in the B.E.A. was mustered by circulating a desperate letter of enlistment composed by B.E.A.’s founder (Schoch) calling on every thinking attorney, scholar and teacher in his ambit and secondary nets of communication to collaborate in an effort to meet the challenge of Islamic-based Terrorism with measures short of invasive, pre-emptive and internationally-criminal wars. The letter of enlistment featured as its addendum the (it turns out) prophetic parable of Matches and Haystacks as an allegorical ploy to provoke awareness and constructive opposition to Bush’s frenetically-concocted “War on Terrorism” that every strategist in the military universe recognizes as a war vainly declared upon a tactic of war, as opposed to an extant or discernible enemy.

The B.E.A., in October of 2001, immediately after 9/11, published “MATCHES AND HAYSTACKS and  “REVERSE JIHAD” which were, respectively, accurate characterizations, shrill warnings and accurate predictions of the galactic foolishness and failures of the Bush Doctrine as a solution to terrorism. Our forecast of the inevitable whys and hows of “Depression and Collapse of America” were published on September 20, 2007.


The documentary evolution of our peace-seeking policy proposals begins, then, with  the circumspections and introspections of Stand Behind Me,  takes form in  the implications and implementations proposed in Reverse Jihad (2001 ; 2004),  and matures in the prospective visions and provisions of peace proposed in “The Onion of War: Peeling it to the Core and Declaring Peace, our presently paradigm peace proposal.

 REVERSE JIHAD, and its subsequently revised (2004 updated) and most recent edition***, were and remain (we maintain) the only feasible peace formulations and proposals capable of ameliorating the problem of anti-western Islamic terrorism. The original peace proposal of the B.E.A. (Reverse Jihad) received the initial endorsement of several peace-seeking foundations, including the Hudson Institute, but was derailed en route to the White House and Biden’s Foreign Relations Committee, stealthfully sabotaged by Meyrav Wurmser—Hudson Institute 5th-column Zionist insider and co-author of the infamous “A Clean Break” paper instrumental in co-fostering the coup of the Pentagon that gave rise to the Bush Doctrine and pre-emptive wars in Afghanistan and Iraq waged under pretexts of national security ( Al Qaeda alliances and WMD’s).

The present embodiment of REVERSE JIHAD as an evolved proposal for peace in the Middle East and solution to Islamic-Based terrorism is featured in the DI archives as   *** THE ONION OF WAR: Peeling It To the Core and Declaring Peace.”  The uniqueness of this peace formula abides in its complete “end run” around military and political authorities, and its innovative integration and enlistment of clerical agents and authorities for peaceful negotiation adoption and implementation.


Our Mission Can Still  Be Accomplished


 We, as founders of, believe that the proposals inherent in “Matches and Haystacks,” “Reverse Jihad,” “Stand Behind Me,” and the peace proposal of “The Onion of War….” have been–through 7 years of time–proven both prophetically accurate and logically sound. Moreover, the peace proposal is still eminently deployable and  doable.  These are policies and initiatives yet to be recognized by the international (Congressional, mainstream foundations, “Coalition”, NATO, you name it) and clerical powers that be. These are policies, in the espousals and promulgations of which we invite all of you to join with us.




Robert Rodes Schoch–“Dusty” to colleagues and as DI by-line–is an attorney, inventor author of Milton Bradley’s “Crack the Case”; most recent environmental patent viewable at:; designer (United Features Syndicate-licensed “Snoopy’s Dream Machines”) and manufacturer (D.C.S. International, Inc.), Inventor’s representative and broker of novel inventions (President and C.E.O. of I.D.E.A.S., “Invention Design Enhancement And Sales”) and writer (novels, essays, screenplays) living in High Point, N.C.    BA (English) degree, UNC Chapel Hill, JD (law) U. of Ala., Tuscaloosa.  Dusty is founder and scribe of the B.E.A. (“Barristers et al”) a N.C.-based, politically-independent foreign policy think tank, and founder (in September 2008) of through the contact link of which readers are invited to correspond with him. His soon-to-be published novel and soon thereafter to be released movie, “Ex Machina” are the story of an environmental hero who succeeds in saving the world from …us. Dusty resides in High Point, North Carolina, former furniture manufacturing capitol of the world, currently the world’s foremost home furnishings marketing center. Dusty’s personal e-mail address is  [email protected]

Dr. Leonard S. Carrier is our Senior Associate Editor and is respectfully and affectionately dubbed DI’s “In-House Historian and Philosopher”. Lenreceived his B.A. and M.A. from the University of Miami in ’56 and ’58, respectively, and his Ph.D from Stanford in 1967. He served as a USAF officer from 1958 through 1961. He taught at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia and the University of South Florida (Tampa) before spending the rest of his teaching and research career (29 years until 2000) as Professor of Philosophy at the University of Miami. His philosophical work has been published in journals throughout the world under the name “L.S. Carrier.” Len lives in Asheville, North Carolina, where he is proudly perceived as a local gadfly because of his numerous contributions to the op-ed pages of the Asheville Citizen-Times.  He is also Contributing Editor to the website, where he has subjected the libertarian philosophy of Walter Block to incisive criticism in addition to pointing out the numerous foibles of the Bush Administration and its policies.  He also writes fiction, being presently engaged in a work on skullduggery in Washington, D.C.   In his spare time Len works as certified USTA and ITA referee and umpire.


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Former Affiliation With Renounced

After the B.E.A. operated from 2001 through 2004 as an on-line (non-blog) think tank, it affiliated from 2005 through November 2008 with the on-line polemics-publications site, “”, because we decided that the Democratic party was arguably the “lesser of evils” when it came to vital issues such as the Middle Eastern wars, failing economy and Wall Street bailout. However, as we approached the presidential election in 2008, along with the mounting global economic crises, it became increasingly evident that the best approach to resolving the cataclysmic problems facing the world today, paramount among which being global warming and extinction, would be as independents. Incumbent governing bodies, government-controlled agencies, corporate-funded foundations and financial institutions are all—collectively—failing us.  As a precipitating or catalytic-converting boost, there came a time when it became apparent that even the semblance of partisan affiliation could become a hindrance to unfettered and salutary policy development.  The B.E.A. ended its affiliation with the former site when the DW founder (a purported big-D Democrat) in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s concession to and endorsement of Barack Obama became a backlashed “uncloseted” supporter of John McCain.  Articles drafted but yet—through October 4, 2008—unpublished by will follow hereafter and fully expose the reasons the foreign policy editor and staff writers of DeclaringIndependents elected, en masse, to withdraw from the editorial and writing staff of DW. The preamble to the document alluded to in our chosen domain name codifies and proclaims the cause and spirit of our zealous and passionate exodus from the formidable and intolerable demesne of social/political ambivalence and hypocrisy—the lesions inherent in the presently disordered heart of southern American darkness on the eve of a Caucasian/African-American presidential election.   Those articles are herein archived for the first time and are viewable at the following links to feature articles archived herein:


By:  Dusty Schoch


Not All White Voters Who Fail to
Support Obama Are Racist

By: “Bobby Dees”,

Refuted by:  Dusty Schoch and Len Carrier

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