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The Hole = We’re in the Midst…

by Editors

The Hole=


We’re in the Midst of

A Presidential Race


The Doughnut=


We are a nation at War

And We’re on the Wrong Side


And bin Laden was—and is– “Right”



By: Dusty Schoch, DI Foreign Policy Editor

11 30 07


Just to put things in perspective…since we are all now so concerning ourselves with important, politically-platforming issues like abortion, gay marriages and the marital and extramarital habits of our perennially-posturing politicians, there is still a war going on now my friends, both in Afghanistan and Iraq.  This is a war our President and his Neo-Conservative A.E.I. cronies in the Pentagon waged on false pretenses, and a war they are presently plotting to spread into Iran until our oil interests in the Middle East are deemed (by Exxon Mobile, Halliburton, Blackwater and other corporate puppeteers), secure.


All the debates, and all the issues being debated (other than war) are the hole, and the war in the Middle East, which began in 1948, which we escalated massively and fascistically shortly after 9/11/01, remains the doughnut that might easily become our nation’s undoing as democratic paragon and leader in the free world.


Why do I pick today to make this obvious observation?  Because today, Osama bin Laden (whose act of terrorism triggered the war) was the subject of an AP article that made it abundantly clear what the war is about,  why it started, and why is persists.


Before I quote from–and heartily agree with–bin Laden’s most recent VHS-video press release, I have to exonerate myself first from the appearance that I am sufficiently naïve to believe that he is alive.


 No man of bin Laden’s wealth and resources would continue to speak to the world through the crude, distorted and out-dated VHS hand-held video  recorders bin Laden’s present imposter is employing. You know- that black-bearded stand-in actor purporting to be, in fact, the same Islamic demagogue who in all probability was  blown to smithereens (along with his dying kidneys) on the first day of mountain carpet bombing in Afghanistan.  Any wealthy  imbecile who wanted to establish that he is still in fact alive, would send some lackey into Circuit City and purchase a camera that would show sufficient close-up details of his face and hair to verify his present sentient  being by providing current exemplars of anatomic  details for comparison with previous photographic evidence.


It’s not happening. Also not happening is any intelligence whatsoever percolating up from either our military  or other governmental agencies (not to mention our presently deceased investigative media) to establish the obvious facts that bin Laden is much more valuable to Bush and the war-mongering Neo-cons alive than dead. If bin Laden were as dead as Saddam, what would they use to fuel their fear-based war propaganda?  Saddam was never the “ace” of terrorist spades; he was a joker that Bush and the neo-cons slipped in the game from out of their sleazy sleeves. Bin Laden (dead or alive)  was and remains the ace of terrorist spades, and without him, Bush and Cheney would have to fold their hands and end this bluffing game they dubbed the “War on Terror”.


 Collective Pentagon and “Coalition” intelligence forces should clearly  be proclaiming  that the total absence of any photographic proof of bin Laden’s …vivacity…along with the yet-unexplained failure of the strongest military and intelligence forces the world has ever known to locate him in going-on 7 years clearly confirm that this Islamic desert rat is long gone.


With that obvious disclaimer (of my naivete’) out of the way, I will now quote for you the words of “Osama bin Laden” as reported to (and aired on Al-Jazeera TV today, 11/30/ 07): 

“Bin Laden Urges Europeans to Stop

Helping U.S. in War”


“CAIRO, Egypt (AP) – Al-Quaida chief Osama bin Laden called on Europeans to stop helping the U.S. in the war in Afghanistan, according to excerpts of a new audiotape broadcast Thursday on Al-Jazeera television.

            Bin Laden said it was unjust for the U.S. to have invaded Afghanistan for sheltering him after the Sept. 11 terror attacks, saying he was the ‘only one responsible’ for the deadly assaults on New York and Washington.

 ‘The events of Manhattan were retaliation against the American-Israel alliance’s aggression against our people in Palestine and Lebanon, and I am the only one responsible for it. The Afghan people and government knew nothing about it. America knows that’, the al-Quaida leader said…”(Emphasis added)


So here’s the gist of the doughnut we Americans must, if we are to survive this shameful episode in our otherwise (more) honorable history, ingest:  Bush and the neo-cons with their pretensions of Afghani responsibility for bin Laden’s attack, and their pretensions of Saddam’s complicity and Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, were—and remain factually and morally wrong, as a result of which our wars being still waged in those countries are just  as assuredly…wrong.


The shameful, embarrassing truth of the matter, which makes the doughnut so horrendously difficult to chew, must less swallow, is that every single thing either bin Laden or some imposter just issued to Al-Jazeera TV and the AP isONE HUNDRED PERCENT RIGHT (i.e. accurate).  We allied ourselves with Israel for the oil—as opposed to any pretended Judeo-Christian brotherhood per Abraham,  and we’re in Iraq, rattling sabers at Iran for the same reason.


God, deliver us from the Neo-cons… and please help us accomplish this deliverance in time to enable us thereafter  to  save our malignantly-warming globe, this precious earth we inherited, which the multinational corporate neo-cons are industriously contriving to destroy.


So far in the debates, I have heard many contenders on both sides speaking in favor of bringing our troops home from the Middle East. I have heard many recant their earlier endorsements of the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Most of them, however,  want to talk in terms of wanting to do the best they can to solve the problems that “inconveniently” exist because of American occupations of two Islamic countries. Thus far I have heard only one man advocate America’s assumption of moral and fiscal  responsibility for having launched an immoral and invasive (euphemized “preemptive”)  war. That man is Dennis Kucinich.



As a bottom line, then, let’s view all our presidential contenders on the basis of how much they are truly—and morally–concerned with the doughnut of my recent rant, as opposed to its irrelevant and unpalatable hole.

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